Project: Renovation of an apartment located in Larissa, Papakyriazi Street

The project is about the restoration of an old apartment in the center of Larissa. It is a building dated back in 1975 that represents a clear architectural morphology of that time in its appearance as well as in the apartment design.

The apartment is separated into two units: a day-living unit and a night-living unit.
On the side of the bedrooms, all partitions were demolished in order to create four bedrooms, one of which forms a master bedroom plus WC and a storage space for the laundry machine. We can pass to the private section through a corridor.
On the side of the day-living spaces we placed emphasis on the open space logic by creating a single area where we find the lounge, the living room, the dining room and the kitchen.
The use of off-white and pale colors, in most of the apartment spaces, enhances light diffusion in the interior, whereas modern materials and construction details add a refreshing feel to the old shell.

Project description:

Total renovation of an old apartment of 180 m2, with a balcony of 160 m2.
Works include:
1. Architect planning
Full interior design planning by an architect
2. Heat shielding of the apartment
Thermal facade installation
Thermal roof reinforcement with a 7 cm- layer of graphite polished polystyrene
Preparation and construction of waterproofing with asphalt
3. Interior space preparation
Kitchen dismantling
Bathroom dismantling
Plumbing installation dismantling
Dismantling of all electrical circuits
Dismantling of doors and cabinets
Removal of internal masonry where necessary according to the new architect and interior design plans
Effective elimination of moisture where needed, by using proper material
Correction coatings and works
Removal of all aggregates
4. Plumbing works
New plumbing installation of coated copper
New sewerage facility
Installation of sanitary ware, taps, furniture and bathroom accessories
5. Electrician works
New electrical installation throughout the apartment
New electrical panel
Placement of new branded saws all over the apartment
Connection of kitchen appliances
Changes in socket and switch positions where needed, according to the new architect/decoration design
6. Carpenter works
Replacement of all interior doors with new laminate doors in various colors
Door frames made of blockboard
Double 3-level hinges
Magnetic locks
Replacement of the entrance door with a new security door
Unbreakable high security lock with cylinder and defender
Installation of STOSA kitchen furniture
New sliding wardrobes in the bedrooms
Construction of a walk-in wardrobe in the master bedroom

Replacement of all doors/windows by new VEKA PVC frames providing maximum thermal insulation
Energy glass panels
Self - cleaning, ultra-hydrophilic and antistatic glass panels for effortless glass-cleaning
7. Lighting
Optimal use of natural lighting
Artificial lighting planning
Installation of special dry constructions to create hidden lighting
8. Alarm
Complete alarm system installation
Connection of the Alarm system to a call center
Remote control
9. Wall repainting
Eco-friendly colors used on all surfaces
Spatula filling
Color synthesis
ISTINTO style implementation for the fireplace
10. Tent
Installation of a heavy-duty peg with remote control